The Haarplas

The "Haarplas"

The result of a job creation project in the thirties.

The "Haarplas" is located near the hamlet of Diffelen (about halfway between Ommen and Hardenberg), surrounded by the pine and deciduous forests of Hardenberg Forestry.
The pond was built by the unemployed in the 1930s as part of a job creation project.

At the beginning of 2000 the State Forest Management reconstructed the pond on a large scale to increase the value of nature.
The bank zone around the pond has been cleared of heavy vegetation and is now gradually descending towards the waterfront.
This has created a varied vegetation, which is popular with different animal species.

In the spring of 2017 I was busy with the preparations for the new photo season. One of the items on my wish list was photographing a dragonfly from the Clubtail family, a family of which I hadn't had any species in front of my camera so far.

After studying this family on "", I discovered that one of the species within this family, the Western clubtail, was observed several times around the "Haarplas".

On June 17th I went on a photosafari around the "Haarplas" and with success. After about an hour I found 2 Western clubtails near a bird watching hut and I was able to take some nice pictures.

Mission accomplished.

Below a number of photos of the Haarplas:

And down here a few photos from a number of species I observed: