Insect Photo´s

Since 2012 I started to make some serious efforts in

taking photo's of everything that crawls, runs, flies, etc.

Through this webpage I want to introduce you to all the beautiful things I encounter in the field of insects during my photo safaris.


Regarding the naming of the different species, I always try to complete the determination myself.

I try to do this with the kind help of a large number of books I puchased over the years and of course the wealth of information

available on the internet


I always check my findings via, a website and forum where specialists are helpful in determining or checking the named species.

Under the heading insect photos there are a number of sub pages, in which I pay attention to the different insect orders and show a number of photos.


It is not my intention to overload every page with photos. A selection of photos will appear per page.


I have already collected several photos of certain species, which I want to include in a photo gallery that will be linked to the relevant page.


So if you care for more after viewing the page .....

Below an overview of various insect orders.

(Via de text below the photo, you will be redirected to the relevant page.)

(Only the underlined texts are active links at the moment. Work in progress)



Flies & Mosquitoes


Wasps & Ants