Reptiles & Amphibians

Reptiles & Amphibians are cold-blooded, vertebrate animals,

of which there are about 17,000 species worldwide.

Reptiles form a class within the animal kingdom, which includes lizards, snakes, turtles and crocodilians.

17 species of this class have been identified in the Netherlands and 7 species have established themselves in our country.

The other species are believed to be escaped or owner-dumped specimens, such as tropical turtles.

More well-known reptile species that occur in the Netherlands include the Northern viper, the Sand lizard and the Slow worm.

The slow worm is a legless lizard and not a snake, as some people often think.

Amphibians include frogs, toads, salamanders. The name amphibian is derived from the Greek amphí-bios, meaning "double-living".

This refers to the way of life of amphibians. They can survive both in the water and on land.

20 amphibian species have been observed in the Netherlands, 17 of which have established themselves in our country.

The real frogs are the largest group, with 5 different species.


Below a number of photo's of species that I have observed so far: