Storks, Herons & Waders

Storks, Herons & Waders.

Storks, Herons & Waders, in other words, birds on long legs.

Storks, Herons & Waders, all birds with long legs, but not related to each other.

When I started looking for information for a text about these types of birds on this page, I got somewhat confused.
Within the bird world there are waders and waders, but these do not appear to be the same type of birds.
A seagull for instance is a wader-like bird, but not a wader. In my opinion a stork also stands on "stilts", but is therefore not a wader.
Then you would think that the Stork and the Blue Heron are related, but that is not the case.

Even though these are different families, I have decided to bring them together on this page.
More logical for me, but especially more practical, as I have only one species of Stork in the photo so far. A small number of species for an individual page.
But who knows, I might even get to photograph the Black Stork one of days.
Many of my "wader" photos were taken on Terschelling, so you may have seen some of these before on the Terschelling 2020 page.

Below some pictures of Storks, Herons & Waders: