Other Insects

Other Insects

Lacewings, Earwigs, Caddisflies, Scorpionflies,

Silverfish and other small families.

Within the insect world there are a number of families, with only a limited number of representatives.
Families such as the Earwigs, of which there are only five different species in the Netherlands.

In my opinion, it goes too far to dedicate a separate page to all these small families, which is why I want to show them within one page.

Many species of these families are often immediately recognizable for their unique appearance, such as the Scorpion flies, of which the male has a tail end that strongly resembles that of a Scorpion.

Unfortunately, I have never seen many of these species, such as Camel-neck flies, Human lice, Dust lice, etc., and have therefore never been able to capture them in the photo.

Families of which I have seen at least one up to now are the Alderfly, Cockroach and Earwig. With the Mayflies I am now on 2, Scorpionflies on 4 and with the Lacewings on 5 species.

Fortunately I have had more success with the Caddisflies, regarding the fact that I allready had 7 different species in front

of my camera.

Hopefully I will be able to capture the other families on camera in the near future.

Below a number of photo's of species that I have observed so far: