Mammals, a class of vertebrate, warm-blooded and viviparous animals,

a class to which humans belong too.

Mammals are a class of vertebrates, warm-blooded and viviparous animals in the animal kingdom whose dams

produce milk and nurse their young. Humans also belong

to this class

In addition, this class has both flying - (bats), walking -

(including deer) and swimming animals (whales) and also a distinction between carnivorous and herbivorous species.

Since Macro World is dedicated to nature, I would like to limit myself on this page to the species that occur in the wild and ignore domesticated species, such as farm animals.

Within the Netherlands this class is represented by 68 different species, which are divided over seven orders.

These seven orders are:

Even-toed ungulates (Deer & Boars)

Predators (Foxes, Mustelids & Seals)

Cetaceans (Dolphins & Porpoises)


Insectivores (Hedgehogs, Shrews & Moles)

Lagomorphs (Hare & Rabbit)

Rodents (Beaver, Mice, Rats & Squirrels)

In the past we also knew the order of Walruses, but unfortunately they no longer occur in the Dutch coastal waters.

In addition, we also know mammals in the Netherlands that have been imported from elsewhere and released into the wild here, such as Heck cattle, Konik horses and Scottish Highlanders. And recently, of course, the Wolf has made its comeback.

Below a number of photo's of species that I have observed so far: