Ducks, Geese & Swans

Ducks, Geese & Swans

Anatidae, the family of ducklings among the swimming birds.

Within the animal kingdom, ducks, geese and swans form the duck-like family (Anatidae), a family of swimming birds.

The Anatidae family is distinguished on the basis of a number of physical characteristics, such as the more or less flat bill and their webbed feet. Their feathers are water repellent.

Another feature is their long neck, which allows them to search the underwater bottom for food.

I always think it's a nice sight when you see ducks standing like

a float in the water, with only their tail and buttocks out of the water.

97 species of this family have been observed in the Netherlands and 25 species have permanently established themselves in our country.

The other 72 species are migratory birds, including birds that can only be seen here during the breeding season or birds that hibernate in the Netherlands.

Despite their striking difference in appearance, the Mallard and the Mute Swan belong to the same family.

Certain species, such as the Black Swan, do not originate in the Netherlands. This species was introduced a few centuries ago, partly because of their special appearance, by bird lovers from Australia imported to Europe.

The specimens you encounter in the wild are actually the descendants of escapees from captivity.

Another great example of imported species is the Mandarin duck, a species that originated in eastern China.

The male in particular is popular in waterfowl collections and parks because of the splendor of the species.

Below a number of pictures of Ducklings, which I spotted so far: