Nature outside of the Netherlands.

Just like many other people, I frequently go on holidays to foreign countries. During these trips, my camera equipment travels with me and if possible, I plan the necessary time during those holidays to photograph all the beautiful nature things I come accross.

Because I do not want to mix my Dutch observations with foreign species, this separate chapter is created, from which I guide you to the different countries I have visited.

I have been to Cyprus twice, which resulted in some beautiful pictures and special species that I not familiar with Dutch Flora & Fauna.

In addition to Cyprus, I have also been to a number of locations in the United Kingdom, including a trip through the southwest of Scotland in 2019, culminating in a White-tailed Eagle Safari on the Isle of Mull.

Let's see what material I have collected over the years and what this yields in terms of pages.

Below is an overview of a number of countries I visited so far.

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Work in progress.


Cornwall (UK)


Schotland (UK)