More Photo's

More photo´s

Plants, mammals, mushrooms, etc.

As I have indicated before, the focus of my photography skills lies in photographing insects.

This does not alter the fact that if a reptile, bird or mammal crosses my path, I also record it on the sensitive plate.

In addition, plants and mushrooms also have my attention.

It actually depends a bit on what the season or what a particular nature reserve has to offer.

Of course my camera also goes on holiday, so I also photograph a lot of insects, etc. abroad.

However, I do not want to mix these photos with my Dutch observations, which is why I want to share them with you under this heading.

Since 2016 I have been running a small project, in which I photograph all insects, which I find in and around Emmen Zuid railwaystation in the morning, before I leave for Zwolle to go to work.

Below is an overview of the different themes on this page:

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Spiders, Harvestmen, Shrimps

Lobsters and much more.

(Not yet available)


Akamas, Cape Greco,

Troodos mountains

and even more beautiful.

(Not yet availble)

Frogs, toads, snakes

and even more slippery.


living in the wild.


Slugs, snails,

everything in slow motion.

(Not yet availble)

Project Emmen Zuid

Observations of

night- and micro butterflies

at Emmen-South Station.

(Not yet availble)