Terschelling - Birdsafari

Terschelling, march 2020

A week of birdspotting on Terschelling.

The last week of March 2020, take a break. A week on the Isle

of Terschelling. Relax, wander the beach, stroll the dunes and above all enjoy nature and the peace and quiet.

Due to the Corona crisis, the island has a deserted impression. All cafes and restaurants closed, but fortunately nature is open 24/7.

A week of cycling, walking and photography and all at a very slow pace. Everything is allowed, nothing is necessary.

The base for this week was Oosterend, a very nice quiet place, far away from all the hustle and bustle.

During this week I mainly spotted birds. It was still a bit too early for insects, although I already saw the first butterflies flutter by.

I went alternately through the polder, through the dunes, along the beach, along the mudflats, etc. Seen many meadow birds, many sandpipers, very diverse.

Also saw some species that were new to me, such as the Sandlark and the Golden Plover.

All in all a wonderful week. Tastes like more.

Note: Not all photos are 100% sharp, but are just included to show the diversity of species.

Below a number of species, which I spotted during this week: