Grasshoppers & Crickets

Grasshoppers & Crickets are an  insect order, of which 69

different species were observed in the Netherlands.

Worldwide, about 25,000 species of this order have been described. Of these, 69 were found in the Netherlands and 47 species have actually settled in our country.

Within this species, a distinction is made between the crickets

(or long-chested) and the grasshoppers (or short-chipped).

There are two families which represent the Grasshoppers, being the

real Grasshoppers and the Groundhoppers.

The Crickets are represented by 5 families, being the Tree -, Cave -, Saber - Mole - and True Crickets.

Identifying grasshoppers is a difficult job, because there are many color variants within the different species. Determination

by the color alone is therefore not an option.

In particular the neck shield, antennae, hind legs, wings and the sex organ can be important in determining the right kind.

Fortunately, nowadays there are determination tables, with

which you can look for the right species step by step.

Below a number of photo's of species that I have observed so far: